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"you're gonna clean my ass Bitch boy"

hahahahahah! that was awesome..
the lip sync was perfect.. the voices were killer..(thought the narrator sounded like Clint Eastwood a bit) great writing..
LOVED the "flat" Earth .. killer shizz.. made me laugh.. keep it up.

Samination responds:

You wouldn't believe how hard I slaved over those lip syncs. Flash fought me the entire way. The narrator is Jeffrey Wisenbaugh doing his bed Movie Trailer guy impression.


pretty nice animation.. good timing.. liked the style.. slick camera moves..

thot the religeous saturation was a little too much..
quite enjoyed the "fisting" part :)... (the robot seemed like she really liked it too!)

a question...
why does god ride a horse? in all the myths he's omnipotent.. so why doesnt he just appear there?.. or prevent the robots suffering alltogether?

nahtanojmal responds:

I think you mean omnipresent (He is everywhere) omnipotent is all powerful, or maybe both?

Anyways I don't exactly know why I put Him on a horse, maybe it was to show He became a human, no longer a spirit being. Demoting Himself to our physical limitations?

He loves but he waited until she wanted to love Him (she took His hand when he opened it to her) and not other things.
His goal is not to prevent the robots suffering but to bring all of them to life unto Himself. He doesn't do that by forcing them but by loving them. Some take advantage of His love others are changed by it.

you are a MASTER!

that was surreal, macabre, disturbing, absolutely wicked.
honestly... gold star quality.. loved the style, sound ( voice sounds + Music )

thank you for sharing this.

mmmmmmmmm bacon.

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great fun!.. nice clean grafix.. simple yet challenging game play..
really liked the whole look and feel of this game.
a wicked way to waste time!

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great little game!!! dig the old school " adventure " feel....perfect amount of difficulty.. the boss was a frustrating MutherFugger.. but I couldn't stop playing until he was dead.. ahhahah

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I just couldn't get into it... thought it was interesting, but lacked excitement.
I wasn't into the controls either, thought they were a tad frustrating..

I guess the reviews don't reflect the "votes" , 'cause I have no idea how this game is enjoying a 3.8 average, if you tally the review marks you get around 2.5 to 3.0 ... maybe... weird.

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SICK style.. love this.

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deathink responds:

Thanks a lot man!

fokking seek sheeet!.. love your work!


great line work.. perfect weights.. wicked taper.. crisp, sharp..

nice style too.. interesting piece content wise..

like the Mario mushroom earring.


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Pillowmint responds:

Thanks man, been working on tightening up my line work, while still keeping my chunky style. Thanks for the fave

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